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Freediving is the purest form of diving which has become a mainstream sport diving activity in recent years for both competitor divers and spearfishermen alike. Snorkelling and skin diving are the two more basic activities in this area. Collectively these are all types of Apnea Diving

Apnea was obviously the first form of diving, simply hold your breath and submerge into the depths below. Apnea is Italian for a Welsh word more commonly use in medical science, Apnoea. This is actually originates from the Greek word Ápnoia which simply means temporary cessation of breathing. The Italian version of this word has been adopted because companies in this country pioneered the development into what is now modern freediving and spearfishing.

The most sporting way to spearfish is by using apnea rather than scuba type of sport diving. North Diving does spearfishing training, details are under Apnea training section.